White standard male: Monet

Welcome to Sunridge Poodles

We follow a small scale breeding program dedicated to breeding and raising happy standard poodle puppies! Healthy, well adjusted, and sound dogs are our top priorities.

Our goal is to raise standard poodles that model the AKC breed standard and which are excellent examples of this versatile, affectionate and intelligent breed of dogs.

Silver standard male: Sid

Sunridge Standard Poodles have conformation champion pedigrees and in addition are bred to be loving companions, as well as obedience, agility, and therapy dogs.

Although we breed for beautifully conformed standard poodles, we never forget that they are primarily meant to be beloved companions.

White standard female: Jewel

Beautiful Sunridge Standard Poodles are available in white, cream, silver, blue and occasionally black.

Running white standards

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